Coordinated Ceremony Seating

Provide specific and advanced instructions to your ushers for seating arrangements. This is especially important when you will have divorced family members in attendance. The parents of the bride are seated in the first pew on the left while the parents of the groom are seated in the first pew on the right. The immediate family follows in the pews behind the parents of the couple.

When parents are divorced, the bride’s mother (and step-father if remarried) will be seated in the first pew on left. Other members’ of the bride’s mother’s immediate family are seated directly behind her. This includes grandparents, aunts and uncles. However, they should not take up more than two pews. The bride’s father is seated in the next pew back, following the mother’s immediate family, with his wife and their family. The Grooms family follows the same scenario above. In the instance where the divorced family is amicable with one another and all are in agreement, both bride’s and groom’s parents may share their respective pew with stepparents.

Photography by The Luxurious Wedding Photography Team.