"How Did You Find Me?" Vendor Question Annoys Bride

"I am in the middle of selecting my vendors and I noticed that everyone was asking me how I found them. I have been answering 'I'm not sure' because this question annoys me and makes me feel uncomfortable. A friend said I should tell them, so I was wondering what is the right thing to do?"

Actually this is a good question but I can see why you might feel put on the spot. Do you really need to give out this information?

When you are trying on a wedding dress, asking for an opinion seems natural and you expect honest feedback.
How you use this information is your choice, but the opinion of others matter to you and may shape your decision.

I respect how hard wedding vendors work to deliver a quality product to brides. They are honest professionals who often put family and friends aside to go the extra mile to make a bride happy.

In your quest to find the perfect vendor, they are also looking for the bride who is a good fit for them. Feedback is as essential to them as it is for you. So when asked, be specific. Say, "I found you on Luxurious Wedding" verses "I found you on the Internet".

Sophisticate vendors look to promote themselves in selective ways. They are relying on you to be the spokesperson for their marketing choices. Please take it as a compliment that they feel your input is of value.

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