Who Will Walk You Down The Aisle?

In marriage, this is a tradition that was pretty much set in stone when families were a simple defined unit. The biological father always knew that this would be his pleasure one day. As family dynamics have changed we now have to meld the idea of tradition with the realities of our current lifestyle.

After all, this is 'your wedding' and rules can be broken. What we don't want to break is someone else's heart who may be dreadfully hurt by your decision. This is a time for happiness and creativity when it comes to applying etiquette and protocol.

Here are a few suggestions in order of preference:
Your biological father who has been dreaming of this day.
Both your father and your stepfather.
Your stepfather, if your biological father is not available.
A brother, significant family member or close friend.

A bride also has alternative options to walk alone, be escort by her mother or have both parents do the honors. Now here is where it can get tricky. It is not recommended that both parents escort the bride if they have been divorced and remarried. If they are divorced and have not been remarried, it may still be better for the bride to choose another option. Of course, this is where creativity comes into play. Innately you know what will feel right. Walking down the aisle is about making memories. Make sure your choices are created out of love, affection and sensitivity.

Photography by The Luxurious Wedding Photography Team.