Ceremony Seating Protocol For The Mothers

'The Seating of the Mothers' traditionally begins the wedding ceremonial procession down the aisle to their designated seats of honor.

With blended families, the seating has become more complicated. In the case of step mothers it is not as common for them to proceed down the aisle unless they have had a hand in raising the bride or groom, or are thought of as an honorary mother. Taking into consideration that all family dynamics are different, one must decide if it is best for his or her family to have their step mother partake in the Seating of the Mothers.

In the blended family processional, the step mother is escorted down the aisle in front of the biological mother. The mother of the bride is always the last person to be seated. This signals that the ceremony is about to begin and that no other guests may be seated or escorted to their seats through the center aisle.

Ceremony Seating image by Kevin Kramer Advantage Photography.