Wedding Gift Preference & Protocol

Some couples would like to state their wedding gift preference on their wedding invitation. Usually they are attempting to assure the guest that their attendance is 'The Gift'. However, a wedding is a time honored tradition steeped in protocol. Since ancient times, Wedding Gifts have been part of the tradition and the protocol. They are a way for your guests to present something to you that they feel will add to the lifestyle you are building together.

Offering a disclaimer on the wedding invitation "Wedding gifts are strictly optional - your presence at our celebration is what we really want." will throw your wedding guests into a state of confusion. They will wonder 'should we or shouldn't we'? Not wanting to offend you, they will agonize over their decision. And no matter what their decision, they will always question whether they made the right choice.

Luxurious Wedding Recommends... that you spread the word verbally about your wedding gift sentiments. Create a Wedding Website that has a section dedicated to Wedding Gifts where you can express how excited you are and how much it means to you to share this moment with those close to you. If you are sincere about not receiving gifts, you could suggest some funny, inexpensive gifts on this page that would be taken in a light hearted manner.

Many of your guest will sincerely want to do something special for you. It is always in good taste to be respectful of their wishes. Never interpret a wedding invitation as a shout out for gifts. A wedding invitation is an expression of your desire to include the invited guest in a ceremony of unity and celebration. Receive your wedding gifts with grace and appreciation and immediately dash off a thoughtful thank you note.

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