Cake Cutting Etiquette

The Cake Cutting Ceremony is one of the most important parts of your wedding reception. This is the time for a very beautiful photo opp so don't rush through it. Give your photographer time to capture this very romantic moment.

Be prepared. Ask your cake designer exactly where to cut the cake. Your designer may have added embellishments that could make the cake unstable or uneatable at a particular section.

To cut the cake, many recommend that you cut from the bottom tier. Use a slight coverage of oil on your Cake Cutting Set so that it cuts clean. Cut with the knife, not the server. Cut a small slice to place on a plate that you will share. Slide the slice onto the server, then place it on the plate. Use the knife to cut the slice into two small pieces. Feed each other the cake with love and gentleness.

 Be an adult. This is no time for cake smashing or other antics that will make your guests feel uncomfortable and make you look foolish.

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