Respect The Wording On The Wedding Invitation & Response Card

When invited to a wedding many take their own life situation into consideration when responding to a wedding invitation. You are single and you don't want to go alone. You have a darling child and are sure that he will be so well behaved no one will notice he is there.

The way in which an invitation is addressed tells you what the couple had in mind when inviting you. If you were invited with a guest the outside envelope would be addressed to: Mr. John Smith. The inner envelope would be addressed to Mr. John Smith and Guest.

If children are invited, the invitation would be address with “and Family" or listed directly under the adult. Adult children living in the same household should receive their own invitation.

Do not put the couple in an embarrassing situation. Do not ask them if you can bring a date or your children to the wedding. And under no circumstance should you ever add names or additional number of guests to your reply card.

A wedding is planned like clockwork. There is no time to rearrange seating to accommodate any additions. Please be respectful of your invitation. It is an honor to be chosen to share their special day. So please be honorable and respect their wishes.

Invitation Response Card by Luxurious Wedding Invitation.