Appreciate The Thoughtful Gestures Of Your Wedding Guests

Traditionally, wedding gifts are given to the bride and groom as a symbolic gesture of congratulations. A wedding gift is not something purchased in a generic way. It is a well thought out display of contribution. A wedding gift often reflects the givers desire for you to increase your enjoyment of a cherished part of married life. Perhaps the gift will be a magnificent vase to extol the pleasure that fresh flowers bring to a room. Perhaps a serving platter that will flatter any culinary delight that you prepare. Whatever the gift, the bride and groom should acknowledge and appreciate the thoughtfulness behind the gesture.

The way you receive the gift and express your gratitude will be remembered by the gift giver. Grace and sincerity will go a long way in the memories of your guests. The best way to make them feel special following the wedding is to present them with a Thank You note immediately upon receiving their wedding gift. I encourage you to include something personal about their attendance and what it meant to you to have them witness the happiest day of your life.