Have You Checked Your Wedding Guest Barometer ?

It is a tribute to you and an honor when invited guests join in the celebration of your love and union. Their acceptance of your invitation puts them in a very special category. As with any guest invited to your home, you must treat your wedding guests with the same graciousness. You have extended an invitation, therefore, you are responsible for their comfort and enjoyment. Yes, it is true, you are the star and they are your audience; but the enjoyment your guests experience will ultimately determine the success of your wedding.

During your wedding planning, peak out from under your veil of excitement for a moment and imagine how you would feel attending your wedding as a guest. Put yourself in their place and visualize what they might encounter from the moment they arrive at the church. Has everything been arranged with your guests in mind? Will they be able to hear your vows, or did you forget to include an amplification device? Were the Wedding Programs distributed to everyone? If the logistics are challenging, did you provide a Directions Map? Overlooking the tiny minor details can leave your guests isolated and confused.
It is important to be mindful of the additional expenses that attending your wedding might entail. Beyond the wedding gift there is the time and money spent traveling and possibly overnight accommodations. So include a guest experience barometer on your wedding planning checklist and not only will you have the wedding of your dreams; you will appear on your guests' 'Best Wedding I Ever Attended' list.

A Luxurious Wedding by Joan Glenn of 6 Degrees of Celebration