Wedding Gift Exchange Etiquette For The Bride & Groom

The exchange of gifts between the bride and the groom on the wedding day is a romantic gesture and optional traditional with no set rules of etiquette or protocol. Although optional, it is a lovely sentiment on a day filled with chaotic frenzy to exchange gifts to remind you of personal moments that have brought you together on this day.

A love letter that can be tucked into a wallet to draw out during rocky times down the road. A photo that captured the essence of your mutual bond. Some silly token that you had engraved with the wedding date. There is no price tag high enough to put on these sentimental reminders that apply to your ever blooming love.

The exchange of jewelry to be worn on this day and passed down to your children some day is another way to create a sentimental tie with your future. Diamond earrings, a bracelet or necklace for the bride and monogrammed cuff links or a watch for the groom are always a good choice. The most important criteria is to put love into the gift. A gift from your heart will always be perfect, cherished and a constant reminder of the good qualities that you admire in each other.

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