The Bridal Shower Guest List

Bridal Showers were born from early dowry practices when a less fortunate bride and her family may not have had the money to provide the necessary dowry for their daughter; or when a father refused to give his daughter her dowry because he did not approve of the marriage. In such cases, family and friends of the bride would gather together and 'shower' the bride with gifts to compensate for her lack of a dowry. This showering of gifts allowed her to set up her future home and marry the man of her choice.At one time, it was considered a breach of etiquette for the family of the bride to host the bridal shower. Today, a bridal shower may be hosted by anyone except the couple. Bridal Showers are typically held between eight and two weeks from the wedding date with the opening of the gifts as the central focus and highlight of the event.

Bridal Showers are usually very intimate affairs. The guest list is commonly made up of family, friends, and attendants of the bride. Tradition once held that showers were a 'women only”' affair. Now more brides are choosing to include the groom plus his friends and family. These are commonly known as a Jack and Jill Shower.

Etiquette dictates that it is imperative that anyone invited to your Bridal Shower must be invited to your wedding; otherwise it appears as though it is just a ploy for gifts. The one exception to this rule is when co-workers or club members wish to give a shower as a way of offering their congratulations.

A Bridal Shower in honor of A Midsummer Night's Dream Theme Wedding.