The Bachelor & Bachelorette Party Guest List

Bachelor and Bachelorette parties are usually the one last bash of your single life and are held from two months to one week before the wedding day. Although not obligatory, they are a time honored tradition where many of the antics of the evening make for amusing tales for years to come.Luxurious Wedding Bachelor Party Guest List

The Bachelor Party is generally organized by the Best Men and attendee’s commonly include the Groom, Groomsmen, close male friends, family members typically close in age to the groom, brothers, cousins, future brother-in-law, etc. and may be extended to include the father and future father in law of the groom. The Bachelor Party is typically a Dutch affairs with attendees responsible for their own share of the cost of activities. In addition, the best man and groomsmen should contribute for the cost of the groom.

Although it is common practice to go wild for bachelor blowouts, more men are choosing to have a much more low key affair. A few ideas the gentlemen might consider would be a gathering at a trendy restaurant, a golf outing, an extended fishing trip, or a robust weekend getaway.

The Bachelorette Party is generally organized by the Maid of Honor. The Bridesmaids should always be available for assistance, if necessary. The Bachelorette Party guest list includes the Bride and her bridesmaids, close friends and family typically close in age to the bride, sisters, cousins, future sister-in-law and may also include her mother and future mother in law.Luxurious Wedding Bachelorette Party Guest List

Bachelorette Party’s are also frequently Dutch affairs with attendees responsible for their own share of the cost of activities. The maid of honor and bridesmaids contribute to the cost of the bride.

A few common practices of the ladies include an intimate dinner at the Brides' favorite restaurant, a visit to the local Vineyard for a wine tasting party and the telling of tales, a luxurious spa day or weekend, a surprise weekend getaway or an old fashion slumber party held at a fabulous Bed & Breakfast or luxury hotel.

A newer trend has many couples opting to host a joint Bachelor & Bachelorette Party for one big celebration. Any type of activity is acceptable as long as you practice self-control and do not embarrass yourself, your honoree or your guests.