The Engagement Party Guest List

The Engagement Party is an exhilarating celebration usually hosted by the parents of the bride. It can be hosted by another relative or friend provided the family of the bride has been given the first opportunity. With our globetrotting society, families who live out of town may also host their own festivities to honor the newly engaged couple, however, out of courtesy; first discuss the date with the family of the bride.

The guest list for your Engagement Party should be a mirror of your wedding guest list as all guests invited to your Engagement Party should be included on your wedding guest list.

Engagement parties are not necessarily a gift giving occasion. Only if all guests come bearing gifts should you open them in their presence. Unlike the Bridal Shower where the opening of gifts is the focus of the celebration, gifts brought to your Engagement Party should be acknowledged but opened at a later time. Regardless if you expressed your gratitude in person, please be certain to send a handwritten thank you note to each guest who provided you with a gift.

A bridal celebration captured by Kevin Kramer of Advantage Photography.